Golden Beach

For one of the world’s leading fashion couples, this Miami Beach estate breaks all the rules.

Dee and Tommy Hilger’s house is one of the most fun projects I’ve undertaken. I was able to translate my client’s incredible fashion sense in a way that is totally original to them: a sort of beach house meets Studio 54. The design centered around their impressive art collection, as well as an important collection of mid-century furniture including pieces by Paul Evans, Erwine and Estelle Laverne, and Willy Rizzo. Playful, unique touches in each room conjure a home attuned to the rhythms and colors of Miami.

Tommy Hilfiger and his wife, Dee, called on Martyn Lawrence Bullard to
create a polychrome palace for vibrant art and eclectic furnishings in their
Miami house.

The great American graphic designer, Milton Glaser, once declared “There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and wow! Wow is the one to aim for.” Tommy and Dee Hilfiger apparently endorse that notion. The fashion mogul and his wife have planted their flag on a glorious stretch of beachfront just north of Miami with a home defined by spectacular moments, whimsical flourishes, and astonishing coups de théâtre. In this case wow! might be an understatement.

“We’re here for the weather, the Latin flavor, the art, and the palm trees. Most of all we’re here for the fun,” says Tommy. The residence also provides a base near his latest business venture. Hilfiger, who sold his fashion label several years ago but remains its principal designer, recently purchased the Raleigh hotel in Miami Beach, and he plans to refurbish the Art Deco gem starting in 2015.

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