Villa Luna

Hanging on the living room wall of actress Ellen Pompeo’s Los Angeles home is an arresting painting by Claire Fontaine: Printed on a cherry-red background is a snippet of remarks by fashion designer Marc Jacobs on his collaboration with artist Richard Prince in 2007, when the duo puckishly updated Louis Vuitton’s venerable handbags. “When something is so respected, you can turn it into something else, so that you are looking at it anew,” the piece reads. “Reinvention is invention.”

When Ellen Pompeo’s not talking about luxury handbags or even her phenomenally successful television series, Grey’s Anatomy — which recently began its 11th season of hospital drama and hijinks — she’s referring to the 1930s house she shares with her family: Husband, music producer Chris Ivery, and their two daughters, five-year-old Stella Luna and baby Sienna May. Thanks to a recent top-to-bottom makeover, their house is the very soul of reinvention.

Hidden Ridge
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