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This grand and exquisitely detailed paisley design is adapted from an antique paisley shawl and is printed on a fine, soft wool twill ground. It features a dramatic vertical repeat, with a center medallion and border design that are reproduced from the original fabric. Its natural drape and large scale are perfect for curtains and duvets, and it is also suitable for a variety of upholstered chairs. The colorations include masculine charcoal, classic red, exotic orange and soft blue, all with unexpected accents of complementary shades.

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Dimensions 54.25 × 17.5 in

Indigo (MLB2901), Sage (MLB2902), Sunset (MLB2904), Tobacco (MLB2905), Saffron (MLB2906), Blue (MLB2909), Lavender (MLB2910), Indigo/Sage (MLB2911)


17.5"V 17.5"H


100% Linen

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